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Stranded with Desi

We are on vacation in Idaho and decide to take a hike around the lake that is near by. We pull into the parking lot and get a map from the rangers post at the lake. After we get the map, we go sit on a bench and plan out our hike around the lake. We map it out and draw the route we plan to take before we get our back packs and get ready to head out. We start out and head west with me in the lead. We walk through the forest that surrounds the lake and it is very easy hiking. The terrain is pretty level and there is a trail that we can follow. We make it about a quarter of the way around the lake before we stop and rest for a bit. We sit down, pull out some of the food we brought and eat and drink water in the shade of the trees. After we are done eating, we relax for a few minutes and let pur food settle before continuing our hike. We get about halfway around the lake and dark clouds start to move in. We can near faint rolls of thunder and smell the rain.
"Is it supposed to rain today?" You ask as you follow me on the trail.
"No, it said it was supposed to be clear today and for the next few days." I reply as I continue walking and looking at the clouds.
We keep walking and the clouds start getting darker and the thunder starts getting louder. We are stuck and our only options are to keep going or turn back, but either way we are on the opposite side of the lake from where our car it.
"Do you want to turn back or keep going?" I ask as I stop so we can talk.
"Does it matter?" You ask.
"Not really in terms of distance." I say looking at the map.
"Whatever you want to do." You say looking at the map.
"I didn't see anything so far where we could hunker down if it gets real bad so I say we keep going." I tell you.
"OK." You say as we continue on our path.
Shortly after we start going a gain, it starts to rain. It isn't a hard rain, but it is enough to make our hike difficult.

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