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Greg decided to go straight. I had to find a new place to live.
A nice man, Pete, who I knew from the YMCA, offered me a place
in his basement. He was going to rent it out. It was nice,
full kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, living room and another
space for anything I would need. His rent was cheap, so I
took him up on his offer. I moved in as quickly as possible.
My only complaint was that Pete smoked, but at that time,
anytime you went to a bar, you came back smelling of smoke.
He also had a renter upstairs too.

Sometime in the second month, I came home from work and
Pete was downstairs and smoking. I usually talk to Pete
upstairs and he never came down to visit, so this was unusual.
I asked him if there was anything wrong. Pete says I know
what you been up to. I said I was working a lot. True, but you
have been cruising the spots. I tried to look bewildered,
but I knew I have been discovered. Pete says, I also looked
around your room, like any good landlord would, and I discovered
lingerie around your room. He continued, and since I have
never seen any women in the house, I am to believe those items
are yours. I did not know what to say, and looked at the floor.
Pete offered me a cigarette, and I refused. Pete said well
you know the other renter, Mike, he is gay and saw you at the
cruising spots. He gives a great blow job. I looked at him,
and he said yes, Mike gives him blow jobs and now it is my turn.
So sissy, go and get ready and let us get it on. I looked at
him and he nodded, and I left to go to the bathroom.

I made sure, I was totally shaved, first with my trimmers,
then shaving cream and razor, then Nair, and then used cream
and razor again. I showered and did my enema. I then dried,
put on my female deodorant, some perfume, put on base makeup,
then applied my blue eye shadow, then mascara, powdered
makeup, then bright red lipstick, then an applied blush
to my cheeks. I put on royal blue camisoles, with a blue g string. I put
on some blue stay up stockings, and blue finger gloves and
my 4 inch black heels. I put on my blonde wig and some clip
on earrings. I topped it off with my breast’s forms and my
short pink robe. I walked out to Pete who was still smoking
and watching tv. Pete said not too bad for being a boy.

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