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Shawshank affair

Courtrooms can be a scary place. They smell like older leather, the wood paneling has been polished with oil and each sound penetrates your body like a loud smack from a cap pistol, which echoes in the forest, especially the gavel smacking on a block from the Judge. I felt strongly that I would be found innocent, since no previous record, and no concrete evidence against me, with the one glaring fact the companies shady investments were attached to my BBAN security code. Bang! The gavel echoed and judge’s words penetrated my ears saying you have been found guilty of a white collar crime embezzling $3.4 million USD. A rush goes through your body of disbelief.
Approximately 2 years ago, I was interested in this girl in the office, absolutely beautiful legs, and she seemed to be coming onto me. The attraction was one of obsession, she would deliberately be close to me when dropping off papers on my desk, and made sure I could see her cleavage as she explained the brief. We finally met for drinks, went back to my place and spent the weekend together, humping our brains out. I am a middle aged guy, I work out, and just starting to have a little gray, but still I have very little body fat, not your typical accountant type. Looking back, I realize that men will do about anything when I woman entices them. Her name was Donna. As it turned out, she was married to the CFO of our international investments. She said there was absolutely no sex life and she wanted out of the marriage but had a non-disclosure agreement that was iron clad. Donna had suspected during her husband’s South American travel’s he had a romantic encounter and wanted me to help her. When an opportunity arouse for a Sr. Financial advisor, Donna had shown my accomplishments to her husband and had me promoted into his department.
Weeks after the trial, I was transferred to a Federal prison, the sentence was a maximum of 5 years, but the one and only thing my small town Lawyer did was get me eligible for parole in a year.

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