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1000 – Sissy Story 29 – Sara by Sara
Filed Under: Sara, Sissy Story by Anna Malice — 3 CommentsFebruary 26, 2012

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Post number #1.000
I never thought to reach this moment..
in truth i always thought to cancel this blog.. a lot of time before of this..
anyway.. thanks to a lot of good people..
i can continue to entertain you with a lot of wonderful premiere..
Sara.. a big friend of this blog.. has recentely written a wonderful sissy story..
that i’m proud to offer to you this sunday..
it’s a great tale.. written with a really good style..
in which you’ll be able to find a lot of wonderful different sissy sexual aspects..
I was delighted to read it.. and with much pleasure i want to share it with you!
I always thank every contributors of this insignificant blog..
but this story is amazing.. and with all my heart i want to tell you are a great one!!
many many thanks Sara.. i was touched! ;)))
now, enjoy the sissy story number 29! ;)
Anna Malice
It was a dark chilly stormy April day. I was in my sophomore year in college. I walked towards the library that Friday afternoon depressed that yet again, I had no date for the weekend. I was skinny, insecure, and pale white. There was a torrent of sexual activity going on all around me. I could literally feel and sense its presence, but I was excluded from participation. So I went to the very top floor of the library. I’d never been there before, but it was the most remote, and I just wanted to be alone.
After an hour or so in the books I got up to go to the men’s room. I was constipated, and would be there a while. There were two stalls. One was occupied, so I took the other. As I settled into the stall I was surprised by all the sexual graffiti on the wall, but paid it little mind. I then notice a quarter sized hole had been carved out of the walls between the two stalls.
A few minutes later, I was surprised to notice that the occupant from the other stall hadn’t left.

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