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Sales Training

Gary Michaels had been very successful in heating system sales during his first five years with his company, however the past two years had been very disappointing. So disappointing, in fact, that he had been called on the carpet and told to begin producing or else find another job. Gary really liked his job and felt he had really been working quite hard, but that his "luck" had just not been there. He did all the required prospecting to find out who was thinking about buying a new heating system, but he just couldn't seem to close any sales. "Maybe I'm in the wrong business", he thought, but he knew that he had been successful and wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet. Gary was sometimes too concerned about the sale, and not concerned enough about servicing the customer after the sale. "Perhaps I will have to be more concerned about after sale service so I can get more references", he thought. "If the customer requires some extra attention for me to get the sale, I'm just going to have to do it"!

With that in mind, Gary had begun to get more activity and had actually quoted several heating systems, any one of which would make his quota and get him back in good standing with his boss. However, he had not actually closed any sales and time was running out. Gary had heard that Jones Realty, owners of a large apartment complex, was in the process of buying a new heating systems for one of their buildings, and were ready to make a decision within two weeks. Gary knew he was a bit late in coming in for the sale, but he was determined to try.

Gary called and made and appointment with Miss Jones, the manager of the complex. When he arrived at the model apartment, he was met by an beautiful woman who introduced herself as Elaine Jones. He was invited to sit down. Gary sat down, took out his briefcase while secretly admiring her sensuous figure.

"Well, Gary, we are ready to make a decision on our new heating system within two weeks. You are a bit late, but let's hear what you have to offer", Elaine stated. As Gary began his presentation he felt Elaine's eyes drilling through him with a piercing look. Gary began to feel a bit uncomfortable as this lovely woman scrutinized him, but he continued his presentation.

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