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Renting out a room

When my wife suggested that we rent out the guest rooms above the garage to a college student it sounded like a good idea. It was very much like a small apartment, with a bedroom, bathroom, and small living room. No kitchen of course, but we could share ours and it seemed like a good way to make a little extra every month. We'd only recently gotten married and had just bought the house, so we could use the money.

Being my wife's 'project' as it were, I left the details up to her. I was working hard at my new job anyway. We were both just twenty-six then and recently graduated from the university ourselves, so we thought we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting into, at least so far as having a college k** living with us.

"Guess what today is," my pretty wife said, smiling at me over our small dinner.

She looked beautiful to me, although most people would think her pretty, or cute, rather than stunning. Evelyn is petite, just over five feet tall with thick blonde hair falling around her heart shaped face. A pert little nose, bright blue eyes, and a playful smile gave her face a wonderful animation that made her popular with her many friends. Her tight body, athletic with firm breasts and a perfect ass, made her popular with the boys. I always counted my blessings that she'd married me.

"Hmmm…Thursday?" I smiled back, having a pretty good idea, but enjoying this small game.

"Heh!" Eve stuck the tip of her tongue out at me. "It's O Day."

"Oh." I nodded slowly. "Already?"

"Already?" She rolled her eyes and giggled. "Have you been doing something you shouldn't?"

"Me? Not a chance," I promised. "I've been saving it up, believe me."

"I hope so," Eve sighed softly. "I really want to make a baby tonight."

"Me too, honey." I reached across the table to hold her hand.

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