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Purple Kiss, part 1

It happened during a week long trip for work. By the third night in a strange city I had grown tired of the hotel bar and broke away from my work colleagues for change of scenery. I told my coworkers that I was going to bed then quickly made my escape. The night was warm so I decided to take my odyssey on foot. I hadn't gone more than three blocks when I stumbled across a small hole in the wall bar. It was so low key that I would have passed right by it if it weren't for a purple neon sign in the form of puckered lips. There were no words on the sign, which only furthered my curiosity.
I walked up to the door half expecting it to be locked. But it wasn't, and behind it was a small dive bar. The bar was located at the back of the small building and a set of twin purple booths lined both of the walls leading to the bar. Behind the bar was the most beautiful bartender I had ever seen. She had long brown hair that ran half way down her back. She was the only one in the place, and she flashed me a bright smile and a wave as I stood in the doorway. I waved back, entered the bar and took a seat at the end of the bar.
"What can I get for you?" the bartender asked. Her voice was enchanting, and up close I saw there was a thin blonde highlight in her hair that she kept tucked behind her left ear.
"I'll have a whiskey and soda," I said nervously.
I'm a good looking guy, but grew into my looks later in life. Consequently I still got nervous around beautiful women. Then, as if fate were trying to help me get over this problem, the door to the bar opened and four more gorgeous women entered the bar.
"Hey guys!" the bartender called out as she jumped up and down and waved. I could not help but watch her perfect breasts bounce inside of her white tank top as she jumped.
She quickly fixed my drink, "I used Jameson, hope that's alright."
"It's perfect," I said as the four new women went to the other side of the bar.

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