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One of my real life stories with a post-op

This wonderful story was published at our forum, and, honestly, it was the first sex story involving post-op tgirls that I read, and I can't hide the fact that, although the girl had no hard one, it was still very exciting! Thanks for publishing it man!

I was on vacation in Japan, and I went out to experience the nightlife often. I was with my little brother, so being with him all the time, I had no intention of going to TS bars. So we were at a straight bar, and he drank a bit too much and couldn't continue drinking, so I sent him on a train home. I was having great conversations with some people I met there, so I decided to get my mind off sex and stay at the bar.

Luckily, the trannies came to me this time! 3 Filipino girls came to the bar, and I knew something was up right away. I know a lot of Filipino TS get jobs in Japan working as entertainers. I actually know a couple Filipino TS in the USA, who told me they lived and worked in Tokyo for years. I also know that they pass really well, and love to go to straight bars and hook up. These girls were pretty, and many straight men, who had no idea, were very interested in them.

Now I wasn't sure either, but I knew something was up about them. So I kept looking for clues. For one, the girls had pictures of themselves posing on their cell phones, like most TS, very narcissistic. The girls were also constantly looking at themselves in the mirror, another TS trait. I was becoming pretty sure that these girls were TS, and I knew I would find out if they said one word. The word "Bakla" in Tagolog means something amongst the lines of " Gay " or " Fag ", and it is considered derogatory. Yet, for some reason, just about every Filipino TS calls eachother "Bakla". I live in an area with many Filipinos, and straight people do no use this term when addressing another straight person.

So I listened to the girls from a couple seats away, and eventually I heard the girls bust out with " BAKLA !" and that's when I knew they were TS.

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