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While in New York for work I decided to check out another Tgirl bar. This time the bar was in the East Village. I arrived around 12 am. There were a couple of girls there. A couple of them approached me and we went to the back room for a lap dance. The first girl was a tall boricua with legs for days. Nice tits that I loved sucking on while she was grinding on me. She let me kiss and lightly suck on her package over her thong. It was fun and left me hard as hell.
The next girl was more adventurous/horny and I started sucker her cock and licking her balls. She started talking dirty and that just got me more riled up. I started fingering her and eventually she turned around so I could munch on her ass as well. It tasted fresh and with a floral hint. Eventually we made our way back to the bar.
I went to the back with a couple of other girls until it was time to leave, around 2 am. As I'm leaving the girl, I had sucked on was leaving too. She asked where I was going and I said Queens. She smiled and said she was going the same way . She offered to share the same cab. I jumped to the idea. We stopped by a pizza place to get some food to go.
She called her cab and we got in. Inside the car, She pulled out her cock and old me to get down to business. It was crazy, sucking her dick in the streets of New York making our way to Queens. She stopped me a few times on the way there so she wouldn't cum. Once we get to her house, we got out of the cab and she went into her house to drop off the pizza. She came right back out and pulled her cock out so I decided to finish what I started. I sucked her dick right on the stoop in front of her door. She kept talking dirty calling me a cocksucker and shoving her dick in my face. When she came, it quickly filled my mouth and was able to swallow part of it before the last spurts filled me up again. I felt her knees buckle as she came. I cleaned her cock with my mouth and she put it away. I got off my knees and gave her a hug, she gave me a kiss and tasted herself. She smiled, called me "puto" and closed the door behind her. I laughed and walked to the train station savoring her taste in my mouth. Gotta love New York

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