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My TS Mistress

It is night time and I am lying on my side in the bed. I am naked wearing just 3 silicon cock rings. I try not to touch myself. Earlier Mistress had told me to go up to our bed and wait for her. I did as she said.
I could hear her with her submissive for the night. A married man...well, another married man. Getting his kicks from my Mistress doing things to him. She never does sex with them. Most into just being abused and such. I was f***ed to watch one time she was with a client. I had been secured to the wall with chains and an anal hook inserted inside me. My cock was free to hang but it is small and it embarrasses me, but Mistress likes my small cock. Hers is big and very thick, quite the handful, but I know how to take it where it pleases her the most. To be honest it pleases me too.
After a while I hear Mistress ushering her client to the door and then closes it.
She comes up the stairs and into the bathroom. I say nothing. I like to imagine what she is doing while in there. The light clicks off and the only light in the room is from a streetlight shining on the bed through a parted curtain. I am facing away from her side. She stands next to the bed and I hear the zippers slide down the leather corset she wears for her sessions, then a few buckles and it drops to the floor.
As she lifts the covers to get in I feel a cool puff of air from the spread being raised. It feels good on my butt cheeks. She slides in behind me, spooning.
Her cock is almost fully erect as she slides it between my legs to where the head is poking out. I reach down and feel precum on the tip. She moves forward and back, her cock now coating my balls and slightly gaping hole. Her hand moves along my chest then up to my throat where she squeezes a bit. She tells me that abusing her client got her really horny. I don't respond. No need to. I am there for her satisfaction. Her hand tightens around my throat a bit more as she puts the head of her huge member at my hole. She has taken me many times in the past but the first penetration is the one I like the best. The mixture of pain and pleasure as the swollen head enters me.

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