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My pink panties

.... You pointed to the bed and said to put on the lingerie that you had picked out for me. There on the bed was a pair of pretty pink panties that had a bow on the front, a pink lace bra, a pink lace garter belt and a pair of fully fashioned stockings.

What a lovely feeling rolling the stockings up my shaved legs. It felt so good that I could feel my wantingness growing in my girlie panties. You saw that too and said; Oh girly Amber you must like being a woman, look at the front of your panties. I was blushing red at that but it was true and I was excited. You then said do you like being a girl Amber? Yes I stammered, yes ....

..... Now Amber, I want you to suck my cock now, come over here and kneel down. I did as I was told although I have never done this in my life before, but all girls need to learn sometime. And oh my god, I was looking at your cock and it was nice. Lick it you said, lick every inch of it, kiss it you said, and kiss every inch of it. As I started licking and running my tongue up and down the shaft, I was starting to enjoy it. Then I kissed the end and looked at you.

You said open your pretty red lips Amber and let me slide it in. I did as I was told and you started slowly sliding your hard cock into my mouth, I have never felt to wanton and wanting. I felt you tense up as you where about to come and I reached down and started to rub my pretty panties. You where saying suck it all up Amber, don’t lose a drop, I swallowed and then licked. I knew deep down inside that there was no return, that I wanted to do this again and again.

You had me suck your cock until it was so nice and hard again. And then pulled it out of my mouth, and having tasted your cum, I wanted to taste it again. You had other ideas and said 'Amber are you ready'.... Yes I whispered, yes please. You laid me on my back and pulled my pretty pink panties down, and then asked me to open my legs. I was quivering with anticipation. You raised my legs in the air and I felt your cock touch my rosebud as you got ready to enter me. Yes you started pushing your cock into me slowly and I couldn't help but moan and thrust up to meet your strokes.

It felt so good, I wanted to feel like this all the time...

Amber x

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