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MY Party Favor Fantasy

My Party Favor Fantasy
A fictional story built around an old fantasy of mine

I ran a notice on one of those sex sites that said” Help me fulfill my fantasy and I bet we take care of some of yours also. Hi there, I am Penny and I am a total bottom trans who wants to be a party favor. My fantasy is to be the only sexual outlet for a group of horny men who can pass me around and even have a gangbang with me. I would love to have line of guys at each end giving me dick. I promise to be more fun than cards or movies and I will take every dick you put in me and still want more, I am insatiable.”
I received a message one day that said” Hi I am Robert and am planning a weekend getaway for six friends and you might just be the perfect entertainment, please call me at this number.” Very excited now I called the number and when a man answered I said” Hi Robert I am Penny and you asked me to call you.” Robert seemed shocked that I had called him to which I replied” I want to be the party favor so bad there is no way I wasn’t going to call back.” He seemed very pleased at this and we made plans to meet at a nearby bar the next day to talk.
When I walked into the bar an attractive man stood up from the bar, walked over to me and said” Hi Penny, I am Robert and you are much prettier than your pic hinted at.” Smiling I told him thank you and we went over to a table and had a seat. Robert told me how six friends were going to get a big suite for the weekend and I seemed like perfect entertainment, then he said that his buddy Bill was about a half hour out and he was going to meet us here and he couldn’t make any decisions on his own. I asked him what kind of car he had and if the windows were tinted, he stated that he had a suv and the windows were tinted with a puzzled look on his face. Smiling at him I said that this was a job interview and we have time to kill so we should go sit in his back seat and I would show him my cock sucking skills. A huge grin came across his face and he said ok.

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