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My Introduction to Crossdressing

I hope my story is appropriate for this site. It is rather basic in detail, but I have wanted to tell others how I got started for quite some months now.
When I was twelve years old I started masturbating. At that time all my fantasies were about girls. Masturbating became quite an obsession with me and was relieving myself about three times a day.
When fifteen, a friend of mine of the same age, found a way of getting into porn on the internet using his parents computer. It was there that I was introduced to the realities of gay sex. I had never known of such a thing previously, and watching those videos set me on fire for men's cocks. I became addicted to watching all the lovely filthy activities which men got up to with each other. I can honestly say that it added immense pleasure to my masturbation sessions giving me some wonderful and memorable cums.
I was seventeen and it was a hot summers day and I had stopped off at a coffee shop in the local park for a cool drink. I sat outside at a table by myself behind the shop. An elderly man came over with a drink and asked me if he could join me at the table. I said, "of course" or similar. We talked and slowly he brought the conversation round to sex. He asked if I fancied girls to which I answered yes. He asked if I had ever had sex with a girl to which I answered no. Then a few minutes later he rested his hand on my thigh. It was a lovely feeling and I didn't pull away. I rather liked the feeling. This turned into a gentle rub up and down and I could feel my cock beginning to respond. I distinctly remember opening my legs apart a little and his hand moved to the inside of my thigh. Now my cock was rampant. Before long he was pulling my trouser zip down and then his hand was on the bare flesh of my thigh. You can guess the rest! He had his hand on my bare cock and was gently massaging it.
This was the first time ever that anyone else had touched my cock.
Wow! I was by now in a sexual frenzy excited beyond measure at the feelings surging through my body. He released my cock and commenced masturbating me and within a few minutes I was cumming on to the grass below the table. Now I was deflated and worried. Could we meet again? I said no.
In bed that night, I masturbated, totally excited by what had happened with this man.

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