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My first time as a Femboy CD pt 2

David ordered me to dance for him and I hurriedly got off the floor and walked over to the radio and turned it on. I changed the station from an alternative rock station to a top 40 one, which was better for dancing. After I selected the station I moved to the center of the room and started to dance for David.

I was a pretty good dancer I thought and practiced alone in my room when dressed to dance like a girl and I was doing just that for David. I swayed my hips to the music, moved my arms above my head, and teased him as I danced to show off my body for him. He watched me dance and I noticed his cock was fully erect again and I was dying to take it in my mouth once more. My own cock felt like it was going to explode in my panties I was so turned on being his “girl”. He let me dance threw four songs.

“Come here, Nicole. Stand in front of me.”

I smiled and walked to him and stood in front of him as he asked me to. I looked down at his hard cock and wanted to suck it once more. I moaned as he ran his hands up my sticking covered thighs and thought maybe he may give me a blow job like I gave him. Instead he turned me around.

“Bend over.” He commanded.

I bent of and let out another moan as he lifted my skirt and ran his hands over my butt cheeks.

“Nice ass. I swear it looks just like a girls. I think your ass is even better than Renee’s.” He said and gave my ass a hard smack.

I winced and let out a small whimper of pain but enjoyed the compliment. My sister had a great body.

David continued to fondle my ass over my panties and I closed my eyes and let out a series of pleasure moans as I dropped my right hand to my hard little cock and started to rub it through my panties. I then let out a small yelp of pain and surprise when David smacked my ass hard.

“Stop that! I did not say you could touch your cock.” David said harshly.

“I…I am sorry.” I stammered out in a whimper. God I wanted to come so bad.

“Turn around and get back on your knees in front of me.”

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