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My First Time

I used to be a normal straight guy, or at least, so I thought. That was until I began exploring trans porn, I was so turned on by it, but thought it was wrong, I tried to fight it, but soon enough trans porn became the only porn I could get off to. I didn't know what to do with this obsession, but I knew I wanted more than just visuals, I wanted the full on experience. Nervously, I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a top TS. I was obsessed with tops, even though I never did much anal play on my own. Eventually I got a reply, from Toni, a local top trans woman and we traded pics. My cock got so hard the instant I seen them, I knew I had to experience her. So we set up a time late one night to meet at her place.

I drove over, nervously and gave her a call once I got their. I almost decided not to at the last second, but knew it was what I desired. She came out to her gate and opened the gate for me and walked me in. She was very friendly and nice, although I will say her appearance was a bit more masculine than her pics, but that didn't shy me away from going into her house. As We came through the front door, her dogs greeted us and then she showed me to her bedroom. Once there, she told me to go ahead and get comfortable and that she was going to use the bathroom. I laid on her bed, with clothes still on and a minute later she came out naked with a HUGE throbbing boner that brought a huge smile to my face. She asked me why I still had my clothes on and I told her it was my first time. She turned on some house music, got her lube and butt plugs ready as I got my clothes off.

Once I got my clothes off I got on my knees on the floor and she walked over and put her dick in my face. I lit up, although a bit nervous, thinking that there is no turning back at this point. She told me to give it a taste as I analyzed at how beautiful her cock was. I was in awe. She was so much bigger than me and I loved that fact. I am by no means small, I am a bit above average at around 7.

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