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My First Time

When I was 18, my mom and I moved to a little town on LI.
Right next to our house was a largely used road even at night.
Right on the corner of my street and that large street was a gas
station I always bought cigarettes from. Right next to the gas
station was a bank with a parking lot that was lit with one
streetlight. This was always a perfect place for me to dress up
and walk around without being bothered too much but still some
people would walk through the parking lot at night to use as a
shortcut. It always gave me a thrill when someone walked by and
I was dressed. I would stay where it was dark enough so as not
to be recognized.
AT this point in my life, I started learning how to dress
right, walk right in heels, and even put on decent makeup.
Problem was, my mom would hardly ever go out so I would be stuck
in my room doing this. But once in awhile she would go out with
friends until late and I would deck myself out in great clothes
as slutty as can be without being ridiculous. I didn't want to
draw too much attention to myself. Also at this point, I broke
up with my pain in the ass girlfriend. This helped because I
first hated her and second, I could now shave my entire body
when I wanted to without being caught by anyone. The first time
I did this is part one of my story of hooking up with my first
guy ever. That is where the gas station comes into play.
At this gas station on the corner, was this good-looking
Arab guy. He was tall, about 6'2" and pretty built it seemed
with a little gut. He was probably around 40 years old. He had a
full beard and really strong eyes. He would never wear a turban
but instead would wear a baseball cap. I never thought about
hooking up with him when I was a guy. It never interested me.
But I still knew he was good-looking. Well this is the first guy
I did ever hook up with and best part was… he didn't know I was
a guy.
At this point, my frame was still rather small but not

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