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My first incredible CD experience

Following my experience with Gloria I hooked up with some other shemales. The experiences were good, but nothing worth writing about...that is until I met Andrea. While on one of my typical business trips I visited a local drag club a few towns over. It was a very clean place and since it was a Friday night, there were many people and one of the shows was already in mid-performance. Finding a seat near the wall, I ordered a drink and watched the show and the people. Halfway through my drink, I saw Andrea.

I noted she was with three other girls as our eyes locked for several seconds. Raising my glass, she grabbed her glass, said something to the other ladies, and walked over. She was stunning, statuesque, and a slender girl with auburn hair. I guessed she was around 5'10" but her heels put her over 6'. I could easily see she had a lot of makeup on but it was done very well.

"Hi, I'm Andrea."

"I'm Joe, it's very nice to meet you", seeing her glass was near empty, "May I buy you another drink?"

"Oooo, a gentleman...yes I'd like that."

Ordering a round for both of us, we struck up a conversation. Andrea was a local and her friends normally came to this club on the weekends. I told her what I did and was on business trip, so this was my first time at this place.

"Is this also your first time meeting a girl like me?"

Even though she looked ever bit a woman, and a very beautiful one at that, I could tell she was not one due to the small but slightly pronounced adams apple at her throat. "Not at all," I replied and from there our conversation turned slightly sexual. I told her I had been with a couple of shemales and that I know that is not the term they typically like. It was refreshing to hear her say she didn't care about labels and hearing others offended over something so trivial was ridiculous.

Our conversation continued for half hour or so when she said something I couldn't make out due to the din in the room. Asking her to repeat and turning my head, she leaned in to my ear and asked, "Do you want to get out of here?" and briefly stuck her tongue in and kissed my ear...I could have came right then and there. "Yeah, let's go", I replied.

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