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My first girly orgasm

Me being taught to have my first girly orgasm...

'You cute little bitch, Amber, it is time to have your pussy introduced to your first orgasm. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise.

It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and you will be in girly heaven.
I felt some lotion being applied to my pussy, as your finger slides all around my sweet pussy, making it nice and slick. Yours finger entered me, twisting, turning, and making me moan with pleasure and expectation. Then two fingers, giving me even more pleasure and more expectation. Then three.

Next, I felt the tip of a lovely cock at my entrance, wanting inside, quite persistently, pushing, pushing, pushing. As you said, 'Push out like your going to the bathroom, pretty Amber. I did, and felt you enter me slowly. It really felt nice and was what I wanted.

It hurt just a little going in, but, once in, I got used to it quickly. I tensed and you slowed down, knowing my pussy was stretching to accommodate your cock pushing inside me. you slowly pushed it in, sliding deeper just a little each time, until your cock was fully inside me.

The whole time, you where ever so slowly sliding your hand up and down my soft sissy clit, rubbing the underside on each soft, easy stroke.
Oh, Amber, your doing great, your clit is so soft and feminine
your nipples are all hard and taut and your pussy is full of my cock, giving you pleasure.

We'll have to give you your first orgasm, soon.
You slid in and out, in a nice gentle but firm fucking motion, making me gasp with pleasure, twisting my body on the bed, pushing my hips back at you, wanting more.
The delishiousness of each stroke sending shivers through me, causing me to moan in pure and helpless pleasure.

You slowed down, sensing my orgasm was close. Again, slowly caressing my clit
slowly fucking me with that wonderful firm cock. Then, hard and fast, till I almost exploded, and then slowing down. Doing this a number of times and driving me crazy with lust and desire.

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