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My body became a gift for them

My name is Lely Bella Calistia, I am a shemale and I once had a boyfriend named Reza, she was handsome, muscular, sexy, and romantic, I was dating for a year.
And a few years ago I broke up with him, because he made me a bet.

At that time me and he planned a vacation to the villa where my boyfriend's uncle, who was near the mountains, the day before go Villa he as usual to stay at my house, hheeemmm ... before the courtship tersa awkward, but already a year feels normal. After he came home from work he went straight to my house, before he came I wanted to greet him with surprise, I started cooking and preparing it on the dining table, then I took a shower and afterwards put on a white blouse top and subordinate long skirt a little transparent. When he came I greeted him and he looked happy and hugged me, kissed my forehead, that moment that I missed so much. Then we had dinner together and talked about tomorrow, after eating him bathing and I wash dishes, while washing dishes he hugged me from behind and kissed my neck and ears and his hands down touched my groin, then I told him to "wait ... wait I'm finished .." then he immediately pulled me and kissed my mouth, I kissed him back, he plays my tongue, then he lifted me to the table, he kissed my neck, his hand squeezed my chest and kiss me my lips again, my blouse then he open and look my chest without a bra, he kissed my chest and After that he went down and went inside my skirt, he licked my pants that still covered his underwear, then in my skirt he took off my underwear and licked my dick, I just sighed "mmmmmmmm" my breath rose, and my sperm came out in his mouth I lay limp on the table.

He pulled me up and carried me to bed, then he opened his panties and I sat in front of his dick, I played his dick with my hands and mouth. I lay in bed and he lifted my legs and put his penis into my anus, and the penis was playing inside my anus, his hand was playing my cock, and after a while his sperm came out on my ass, and we lay limp and fell asleep naked until morning.

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