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My Afternoon With Venus - Part I

It was a stunningly bright and clear Saturday morning when I left my house to head out and run some errands. Nothing big, just little odds-and-ends that had been building up that I needed to deal with someday and it seemed like this was as good a day as any ... little did I know how good the day would get.

A little after 12 noon I was walking out of a hardware store when I spotted a cute Asian girl who had just slipped into a beauty supply place that was in the same little mini mall. One of the few errands I didn't need to do was pick up some shampoo but looking at her beautiful dark legs I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to stock up.

I walked in and pretended that I was carefully selecting between all the different shampoos. In reality what I was doing was trying to steal peeks of this little hottie. I could see her through the shelves of the store as she checked out various products. She was gorgeous, wearing a very cute little pink sundress with spaghetti straps holding it up on her sexy shoulders. She had on matching pink high heels. WOW! What a woman.

I noticed she was heading to the check out and so I grabbed the nearest bottle of shampoo and followed her up. I tried not to be too obvious but as I stood behind her staring at those beautiful legs, wishing I could get under that little dress of hers, I was oblivious to the fact that she'd actually turned and was looking right at me staring at her. I blushed as she caught me but all she did was give me a little smile.

I hurriedly paid for my shampoo and caught up with her in the parking lot and confessed that she'd caught my eye. She said that she "noticed". I asked her name and she said it was, Venus. I told her that that was a perfect name for such a timeless beauty. We chatted for a little bit. She was so sexy, nice, funny, so sweet ... all I wanted to do was start kissing her right there and then. I finally got up the nerve to ask her if she might want to go and get a drink.

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