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My 1st Time was Not the Only Time.

One late night after hitting the slopes and partying I left my friends birthday party feeling extra horny. It was about 6 or 7 in the morning now and after having no luck finding an escort I responded to an ad on craigslist posted by a trans woman. I figured two things, this dick isn't going to suck itself and I'm suddenly open to new experiences lol jokes. No, the truth is she looked good in the pics and that was the last time I'm trying to connect with someone before I jerk myself off. To my surprise, she got back to me being it was late or early in the AM however you wanna look at it. We emailed then texted for a few told her never had done something like this before. She said she posted the ad cause she wanted to see if any guys were up and willing to hook up (looks like she was little horny too).

I was a bit hesitant and said to her I'm down to hang out but I would be open to getting head at most. She was totally fine with that. We talked on the phone for a bit exchanged info and she invited me over. I googled the address and it was a 20-minute drive from where I was. Texted her I was on my way and the entire drive there I felt super nervous and recall smoking a joint to calm my nerves.

When I got there I remember it like it was yesterday, when she opened the door my jaw dropped and I was like "damn you're fucking hot!" she laughed, shushed me whispered her grandmother is asleep upstairs grabbed me by the dick pulled me inside and said 'you're fucking hot too come in".

Walked me into the living room and we sat on the couch, the sports channel was broadcasting on the tv, she offered to pour me a glass of white wine we sat back chit-chatted some. After a few minutes of talking, she leans in and started rubbing me in between the legs and says pull it out. Without hesitation, I unbuckle my pants pull them down and whip my dick out. She grabs it and begins to stroke it kissing me on the neck telling me I have a nice big cock. And then it finally happened she goes down on me and sucked me off like I was somebody. The fact that she was trans was in the back of my mind but it felt no different and wow she has amazing head giving skills. Now, I'm turned on like really turned on. Fact is Guys get two types of an erection: there's Hard-Ons and then there's Rock Hard Cock and I was Rock Hard Cock in her mouth.

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