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Many People Still Don't GET IT about Transexual Ladyboy Types. .

The most common argument that Anti-Ladyboy people often say, (and they are usually from the Extreme Religious Right such as Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholic, Islam . . . ) is that Ladyboys are ' trying to fool ' everyone that ' they are a woman ' . . . - Here is a FACT : Ladyboys I have met in all Oriental and Western Countries have always been up front and stated that ' technically , they are a boy if this is ok with you... ' I mean, they will Tell You THIS even they KNOW that YOU are UNABLE to DISCERN that they are , in terms of pro-creative Biology, a Boy....... So. . . the thing people really Need to Understand is that a person born with the Function of being the Seed Giver(male) does not mean that their Mainstay DNA Draw is not Essentially Heavily Feminized . . . You would have to be BLIND and Wearing a Fucking Blindfold to NOT SEE THAT ! Geeeez. . . . Another FACT in Biology is that Life Itself is always trying to Improve Itself...and it does this very process through many Generations by Selecting for a new child The Very Best, Symmetrical and Alluring Traits which Ensure Survival of The Species...and The Very BEST, SYMMETRCAL, ALLURING and AESTHETICALLY PLEASING TRAITS that are the usual Mainstay Draws from the DNA Bank, - are Female, Feminine Characteristics. It is the Gradual Feminization of even the male sex in Human Biology, and it is NOT a ' birth defect ' as some Roman Catholics in China were trying to tell me standing there in the midday sun. . . they were saying " Well...the person was obviously SUPPOSED to TURN OUT AS A GIRL but there was some encoding error in their DNA and they got a penis instead of a vagina " This is the shit they were standing there telling me about Thailand Ladyboys I was dating there . . . So, what they were saying to me is COMPLETELY UNTRUE. What IS TRUE is what I said about the Feminization of male biology through time which we are witnessing today. This is Extremely Pronounced in Oriental Society and some males even have natural born breast development, so the argument that Ladyboys are just people who ' go out and get fake breasts and call themselves a woman ' is also not true. There are many Women(the ones who can give birth I mean, ) who go out and get breast augmentation, so who can say WHAT?...

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