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Lover Delight

Lover's Delight

Ebony was a delight for Brian… and Lovers Delight is what the guys
called Ebony down at the local. She was a hot babe that everyone
wanted but Brian was the one she chose as her full time lover and
friend. She knew how to please him and he knew how to tease her
and what they both kept to themselves was the fact that Ebony was
different to most babes. She had something that other women didn’t
but at the same time she was minus a hot pussy… Ebony was a
gorgeous transsexual. She was a chick with a dick and one of the
hottest babes in town and Brian was the envy of all his mates.

The afternoon was a drag and Brian thought it was going to be pretty
boring but when Ebony turned up at his apartment unexpectedly he
was over the moon. It didn’t take them long to be in each other’s arms
kissing and cuddling. The way they carried on it was almost as if they
had been away from each other for a very long time when in fact it
was less than 24 hours since they had left each other’s company.
Brian was all over Ebony, touching caressing and holding her. She
loved the attention he gave her and when it came down to hot sex, well
she would never ever say no because they both loved a good blowjob
and he loved to ass fuck her.

Ebony felt like she was in seventh heaven and when Brian took the lead
he had them change positions so they were standing next to each other.
He slowly started to undress her and before she knew it she was facing
away from him and he was touching her from behind. His hands
wandered all over her back and hips. She loved every moment of his
sensual caresses. Brian’s hands slipped around her until they found her
cock and balls. Ebony closed her eyes and enjoyed his gentle touch. He
licked down her back until he was kneeling behind her, his fingers still
playing with her genitals.

With her cock in his hands, he stroked her firmly but gently as he began
licking her balls until she was moaning from the sensations that were
racing through her body at that time, He began tracing a path with his
tongue to her tight ass hole. Ebony automatically opened her legs wide
showing him that she was ready for a heated fuck session with her lover.

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