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Louise's Bedroom

The dark and humid night consumed the street surroundings, the rain pattered softly against the car window as Scott pulled outside Louise’s house. Louise had never agreed to let Scott visit before and he knew that this would be the only opportunity to make a good impression and be with her in the future.

Knowing her from work, Louise wasn't like the other girls, she seemed to be flirty with everyone usually and she was a total knockout. Her beauty surpassed anything Scott has ever seen, she had long brown hair which flowed down to the middle of her back, her face was beautiful, Scott imagined her gorgeous foreign eyes exaggerated by her long perfect eyelashes and her luscious lips that could light up any room when she smiled. She always dressed her gorgeous 178cm, 57kg, 36-24-36 body with teasingly tight clothing that always sparked he deepest fantasies so he knew she would be looking amazing.

Scott jumped out of his car wearing his black shirt, pricey jeans and sneakers. As he was about to knock on Louise’s door, it opened in front of him, standing there was Louise with her hair down, wearing a tight white top outlining her breasts. Her beautiful legs were covered in a tight black mini-skirt and she work sexy black knee high boots. Scott reached out his hand, prepared to lead her towards his car. Louise stopped him while looking him up and down and said "How about we just stay here, my flat-mate is out and we don't need to go out and spend money when I can cook".

Scott smiled and followed her inside, Louise grinned at Scott and to his surprised, she took his hand and proceeded to lead him to a large bedroom upstairs. The room had two cabinets on each side next to two large sets of drawers, all four were covered in little trinkets and sculptures. In the corner of the room was a vast tower of soft toys made out of three hammocks and in the centre of the room was a large double bed surrounded by many lit candles.

Scott was amazed at the trouble Louise had gone to for him.

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