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Lay Report #4

Real TS Encounters

Lay Report #4


Hey there,

Welcome to “Lay Report #4”

So this is yet another Craigslist hookup. I would love to make my next report show a different way to meet a girl other than Craigslist. It just so happens that my last four hookups have been from Craigslist. It’s unusual but possible. If you’re familiar with my website then you know most of my hookups come from TS Dating.

So anyway, it was about 11 pm on a Sunday night. I went on Craigslist, replied to a few ads. I saw an ad of this one girl who I had spoken to a few times already. She was very attractive (I’ll later find out she was Spanish/Italian). She’s from the Bronx. So I decided to message her once again and see if she was interested in meeting up.

Me: “Hey, we’ve spoke before. What are you up to? You wanna chill?”

Her: “You party?”

Note: Luckily, I do “party” sometimes. However as a disclaimer I do not advise you do anything illegal or anything you’re uncomfortable with just to get a meet up.

Me: “Sometimes. What are you into?”

I’ll omit her answer for obvious reasons.

Me: “Cool. So you wanna meet?”

Her: “Yea come over. How long till you get here? Text me (her number)”

So I started to get ready and got together a few “party supplies.” As I was about to leave I remembered the last time I went to meet a girl in the Bronx and how much of a nightmare it was to park there (see Lay Report #1).

Me: “How’s the parking by your place?”
Her: “It’s fine.”

Yeah, okay. We’ll see.

So I pull up to her apartment building around 12:10 am (this would now be Monday morning). There’s absolutely no parking whatsoever. I don’t panic. I text her:

Me: “Hey, I’m here. Just gotta find parking real quick.”
Her: “Okay.”
1:00 am comes. I’ve been trying to park for 50 minutes. I’ve gone blocks and blocks away. I tried waiting on main streets. I probably searched every block in that area and there was not one single parking spot. FUCK.

It’s extremely frustrating when this happens. I know I really gotta keep my cool as much as possible. This girl is really hot so she’ll be worth it.

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