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Las Vegas Swingers

It had been over 6 months since I seriously dated someone, and I was getting depressed and in a rut. I had directed my attention to my work and it kept me from feeling sad about my loss of someone I almost married. I had met a transsexual girl that absolutely adored, but she was tragically killed. (refere to the Chicago Romance series for this story)
I had a call from her friends Jeanie and Bob that lived in Las Vegas. All I knew about them was they were very nice couple, when we met them about 9 months ago they invited us over to a pool party. Little did I know Jeanie and Bob were swingers and had many close friends. Beth mentioned to me that they were swingers, and clothing was optional. We arrived and brought some wine and wine coolers chilled. There were several other couples out back already sitting around, some were in the pool the girls obviously topless. We grabbed our drinks and went over to the pool. Beth took off her top right away, Jeanie and Bob both stripped down nude, and hopped in the water.
I am always nervous meeting new people in the nude, it’s just somewhat awkward, but with some coaxing, we took all off but my underwear, Beth jumped in and took her wet panties off and threw them up with our clothes. I got out of the pool and of course my bright yellow Calvin Kleins clung to me like a layer of skin. I slipped them off and hung up our clothes on a clothes tree that was there for guest. We were enjoying the water kissing and playing a little with each other Beth had hidden the fact she had a cute cock from everyone until others were standing near us. Two of the girls were sporting beautiful breast and nice cocks. We were arm and arm and were chatting with these two while obviously they were giving each other a hand job under water. The one T-girl sat up on the edge of the pool on a towel, while her boyfriend started licking her ass, and once every so often sucked on her cock, which was quite large. She handed her boyfriend several glass balls, which he inserted right in her ass one at a time. She pressed and when the ball first appeared it stretched her sphincter ring open and shot the ball into the pool. Then another same thing. We dived to the bottom to retrieve these and I looked to see the other couple fucking under water sliding his cock in her ass ever so slowly.

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