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Lady In The House Ch. 13

A story by MicheleNylons ( Transvestite prison prostitute gets a visit from the Warden. )

I awoke in my cell the next morning unaware of the terrible fate that had befallen my sister Angie. I knew that Steve had sent his henchman Danny to do something to her in retribution for my recalcitrance but I didn't know exactly what that evil bastard Steve was capable of.

I lay there shivering with dread hoping that Danny had just given Angie a warning, or at worst that he'd shown her the pictures that Steve had taken of me dressed as a woman being forced to fellate him as a means to scare her and embarrass me. God, I hope those bastards hadn't hurt Angie, or even worse, hurt her daughter.

The prison was waking up and I could hear the clatter of cell doors opening and the underlying drone of prison life; the sounds of men pissing into steel toilet bowls, the muffled farts and the cries and curses of the inmates as they prepared for another day of boredom and brutality.

I forced myself to get up and shave and brush my teeth. I used the toilet and cleaned my rear passage with soap and water; I did not want to suffer the indignity of the previous day when I was not prepared for penetration. I collected my soap and towel and waited for the guard to unlock my cell so that I could take my shower. A burly guard looked through the peephole into my cell and then unlocked the door.

"Come on sugar; get your arse moving down to the shower block," he said sarcastically.

I wondered what he meant by calling me sugar. There was no doubt that Steve had put some of the guards on his payroll. The warden was allowing him to run a prison brothel; but even though Steve had plenty of inmate henchmen working for him, he would also need some of the guards on his payroll. It was the same scheme that Eddie had used when he was running all of the illegal activities inside Chelmsford Prison.

I went down to the shower block and scrubbed myself clean. I deliberately made no eye contact with any of the other inmates but I knew that some of them were looking at me and whispering.

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