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Lady In The House Ch. 12

A story by MicheleNylons ( Michele, transvestite prison prostitute, in more trouble. )

"Hang on a minute Carmel; I've got an idea," Steve exclaimed and sauntered over to where I lay curled up in a snivelling ball, may face covered in semen mixed in with my heavy makeup; my clothes dishevelled.

"Lift that bitch's face for me," he said as he played with his cell phone.

Carmel came over and helped me to my knees. I knelt there with my face hung down in shame and when Carmel lifted my chin I saw Steve coming towards me.

"Here," he said to Carmel, "it's all ready to go, take a couple of shots when I tell you to and make sure you don't get my face in any of them you stupid cunt!"

Steve handed his cell-phone to Carmel and stood beside me. Carmel let go of my face and clattered on her stilettos back into the cell. I heard the unmistakable sound of Steve's fly being unzipped and couldn't help but look up to what indignity now lay ahead of me. Steve had his penis in his hand and was stroking it to get it erect. He looked down at me with disgust.

"Don't worry stupid, I ain't gonna fuck you while you're covered with that dickhead's come and your own shit."

"I'm just going to take me a couple of happy snaps," he finished.

His penis was now semi-erect and he gave it a few hard fast strokes and then positioned it in front of my face.

"Ok Carmel snap away," he laughed and grabbed my face and stuffed his cock into my mouth.

I didn't do anything to assist or encourage him, but nor did I bother trying to fight him or to spit out his member.

"Ok Carmel, make sure you get a couple of close-ups of Michele here swallowing my cock," Steve said.

He wasn't after gratification and didn't actually move his cock in my mouth at all, he just let it sit inside my mouth, semi-erect, whilst Carmel took a couple of pictures with his cell-phone camera. I wondered what he was up to............. and then it dawned on me!

I spat out his cock and pushed myself away screaming, "No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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