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Lady In The House Ch. 11

A story by MicheleNylons ( Next instalment of reluctant transvestite prison whore. )

A few minutes later I was still in a daze, trying to rationalise to myself what had just happened. I was operating on automatic pilot, rifling through the drawers of my closet looking for a pair of nylons to replace the semen stained pair I was wearing when I heard the door to my cell rattle open and looked up to see the privacy curtain snatched open. Carmel stormed into my cell, her high-heels clattering on the cold tiled floor, a look of intense consternation on her face.

"What the fuck have you done Michele?" she screamed into my face.

"That little dweeb Brendan is whining to Steve about how you ripped him off; didn't give him his money's worth and such. I hope you ain't fucking around here girl because you're playing with more than just your own wellbeing!" she went on.

I was still trying to come to grips with what was happening to me. How quickly I had been re-born as Michele, the transvestite prostitute and how quickly I had managed to revive those long suppressed seductive skills that had made men lust after me. I was thinking about the years of therapy that I had undertaken the last time I had gotten out Chelmsford. During my therapy I had worked through the years of continued threats of violence and blackmail which had caused me to adopt the persona of Michele, the transvestite whore. I was feeling perplexed, remorseful and angry all at the same time.

"Fuck him Carmel!" I shouted at her.

"He came here to get sexual gratification; and that's what he got! He doesn't give a fuck about me and I don't give a fuck about him! It's all about fulfilling their sick fantasises."

"These freaks are locked up here in cages, and their only way of getting relief, other than wanking themselves stupid, is to pay ridiculous prices to have sex with transvestites and pretend to themselves that we are women."

"Well fuck them! I'm being forced to do what I have to do to protect my family from that sick fuck Steve; as long as the punters get off and leave me alone I will use very trick in the book to keep them from degrading me further!" I finished ranting and turned back to the drawer, rummaging around to get another pair of stockings.

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