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Lady In The House Ch. 06

A story by MicheleNylons (Michele continues to be used by prison inmates.)

From Part V

Harry leant over me and kissed me full on the lips.

"That was worth every penny; you are one hot nurse," he laughed.

Harry grabbed a handful of my clean white skirt and wiped his cock on it. The silvery gleam of semen and KY jelly stained the fabric; there was also a faint trace of blood.

Harry hitched up his pants and made for the door, tightening his belt; he looked back at the dishevelled, raped, nurse sitting legs akimbo on the bed, a look of shock on her face and her tunic stained with semen and blood,

"Yep, you are one fucking hot nurse alright; maybe next time you can play Nun!"

I heard his laughter fading as he walked down the passageway past the other cells to what I presumed to be the waiting room. The waiting room where undoubtedly there were more customers waiting. I closed my eyes as the tears ran slowly down my cheeks.

* * * * *

I reached across and pressed the orange button to switch on the amber light indicating to Mabel that I was not yet ready for another visitor. I noticed the blue light was lit, indicating that I had another 'customer', or as Carmel would say "a punter" waiting.

I looked across and saw Carmel kissing the huge Negro who had previously been fiercely sodomising her. He pushed a handful of notes down her bra, spanked her playfully on the arse, and strolled out the cell. I quickly hid my face so that we would not make eye contact; I did not want him for a customer; not from what I saw of him when he was violently fucking Carmel.

I walked up to the cell bars and whispered to Carmel across the passageway, I could hear grunts and sighs as the other 'working girls' serviced their clients in the other four cells,

"Carmel, Carmel!"

"Hi Michele, see what Leon gave me?" She smiled pulling out a handful of notes from her bra;

"He is always a big tipper; and he has a big tip down there too!" she laughed at her own pun.

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