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Hi Sweetie it's 6:30 Sat morning. Woke up early and feel like writing about me.
Well lets see I am married now for 13 years happily I must say. Though the side in me you see exists in me always in different degrees and phases through out my life I am now 55. Early in life young childhood I discovered my fetish for woman's feet.

Which as I grew turned into me being submissive then wanting and practicing being a Foot Slave to woman even if they didn't know it in my late teen and 20s and beyond. Would date only woman with feet that turned me on knowing I would have their feet sexually and submissively if only in my own mind.
In those days things weren't as open as they were today :-). Then in time with special relationships not working out there was a revolution in the 80s 90s which was BD/SM clubs where I experimented my submissive nature with any Dom female who would let me kiss their feet and give me a spanking or whipping in front of others. It was such a turn on.

I of course perused this road for many years, till it was with the woman GIVE ME MONEY GIVE ME MONEY GIVE ME MONEY. Not what the scene was about for me I moved on. Into another vanilla relationship for some years where that failed. Back comes my natural desires to serve and squirm at the feet of woman. Of course they were smarter and again wanted MONEY MONEY MONEY. Till one day I found this little club in NYC called The Grapevine. This was a place where Cross Dressers and Drag Queen hung out because they were accepted there and could be themselves (no prostitutes)

As a man I liked this because they found me attractive and gave me My first HOT Proper Cock Sucking. I was hooked and seriously dated only Trannys Drag Queens Cross Dressers etc. I was happy. Time goes by I get this natural feeling I was ment to be like them. So I transform myself, GROW inside to Dress up at home and rediscover myself Looking at myself in the mirror taking all kinds of pictures like you see on flicker like that. I had found myself. Then my Submissive side turned Dom as I would dress all hot and Dom Wearing the black and red colors buying whips crops etc, now I want a real slave to serve me. I had to have this to feel complete. Well I put my picture in a paper back then called Female Illusion seeking Slaves to worship at my feet.

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