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house party

t was another house party of Greg’s. There was about 15
to 20 people there. I though nobody knew about our gay relationship,
did not think Greg wanted this to be public knowledge because
of his standing around the community. The party was heterosexual
couples, some making out, but mostly talking and laughing
and a lot of drinking. I was my typical self, shy in the corner,
not talking to nobody and drinking. I friend of Greg’s,
Jon, came over to me with a drink and started some small.
I was listening and not talking much, so Jon asked me are
you ok Rob? I said I was and that parties are not my style. Jon said I hear that
you prefer to be on your knees, right Candi. I said what are
you talking about, in fear I was just outed and I did not want
to out Greg. I started to walk to the other side of the room. In about a
minute or so, Jon found me and whispered in me ear, I know
about you Candi, and I know how you like to suck cock and get
fucked hard. I turned and looked Jon in the eye and said I
do not know you what you are talking about and that I was not queer. I tried to walk away,
but he had me cornered. I looked him the eyes, I know you like
your lingerie, put on bright red lipstick and suck cock.
A nearby girl, must have over heard the statement and looked
at Jon, gave a weird expression and walked away. I believed
I turned a bright shade of red. Come on Candi, lets go in the
closet and you can suck me off, your boyfriend said it would
be ok. Again I protested that I was not gay. I begin to walk
away to the kitchen, it was a little less crowded. I ran into
Greg there. He quickly slapped my ass and said how is my bitch
doing. I said I wanted to go home, I did not feel comfortable
at this party, but Greg said no, stay and try to enjoy myself.
He reached into my jeans and pulled on the red panties he
had me wear to give me a wedgy. I turned around to see Jon there
laughing at me. I told you that I knew you were queer bait.
Greg said what you have not gotten a blow job from my slut,

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