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Hormonal Family

Hormonal Family

My name is Phil, a fairly normal middle-aged guy with a family composed
of my wife, Carol, and kids, a son Billy who is 16, and 2 daughters,
Sharon who is 19 and Cindy who is 14. I have always been the type of guy
who is totally in control of almost every situation in my life whether at
home or at work....agressive but not a tyrant by any means. Billy seemed
to be following in my footsteps and was often chided by his sisters that
he should be a little more polite and considerate. My wife often got on
me about the same thing but I didn't see that it was any big deal. But
there for awhile she and I seemed to be constantly arguing and she put
the blame on me and also told me that I was a bad influence on Billy. I
really didn't think much of it and mostly just blew it off.

I have noticed for the last few months that my girls were taking it a
little easier on my son and he did seem to be acting more reserved than
normal and I wondered about that. Plus, lately I have been noticing that
I seem to be more at peace with things and that Carol and I haven't been
arguing nearly as much. Although strange, it seemed our relationship was
a lot better than it had been. However, for the last 2 or 3 months I have
also noticed a real softening of my muscle toning all over my entire
body, there is nothing that is well defined muscle tissue anymore. My
bicepts are as soft as a marshmallow, as well as my thighs too. I didn't
know what was happening to me and it seemed to just sneak up on me. I
figured I must not have been doing as much strenuous activity lately and
that when I did it would all get back to normal.

Well not too much was said about anything for several weeks. Then last
night after we were in bed, my wife told me there was something that she
had really been wanting and needing to talk to me about. I had told her
before about my concern with my loss of body tone but now she was telling
me that I can't help it.....and it's really her fault! I asked her how it

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