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Got more than he bargained for

This story was written for Trans Ladyboy by Brandi, a hot dominatrix and a phone sex operator. She says guys often call her to share their tranny fantasies with her, one of which would be getting dominated by a tranny, and, you know, she's really good at that! Call her for this phone fantasy (1.99 a minute)!

My boyfriend and I went out last weekend. He thought it was going to be the usual date night but this one turned out kinkier than thought. We were having drinks and my girlfriend showed up. John, my boyfriend was flirting with her so hard and it was really noticeable. It kind of tickled me because obviously my boyfriend didn't know that Laura was a tranny. He kept staring at her perky titties and her luscious ass that I just looked at him and said, "Hey, do you want to fuck my girlfriend or what?" His face turned so red and he thought I was angry but to be honest, I thought that would be hot, especially since my boyfriend loves to go down, and this time he was in for a real surprise.

I finished my wine and I looked at Laura and said, "Lara, would you like to come to our house for drinks?" She smiled and looked at me and said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes, I am very sure" and I winked at her. On the way home I had my arm wrapped around Lara's while John was driving. I leaned into her and said "let's have a little fun with John. We are going to give that horny devil exactly what he deserves."

When we got in the house we had John go pour us drinks while we plotted out our plan for the evening. John walked into the room and handed us our drinks. Laura sat on one side of him and I sat on the other. I slid onto Johns lap and said, "We want to have a little BDSM fun tonight, do you mind if we tie you to the chair and tease you?" Although John seemed very apprehensive of the whole proposal he agreed because he knew his cock was going to be teased and hopefully I would let him have a 3 some with Laura and I.

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