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Getting caught with sub Roxi in the forest

I met TV sub Roxi in the car park & we drove in her car to a pull off area in the forest where I had been before..
It was drizzling slightly as we got out & walked across the grass to a shelter with a seat. I went to the ladies toilet on the way & then joined Roxi. We had a good long talk about our Mistress/Sub relationship & what she wanted from this, particularly experiences that would tease her.
I changed my shoes & brushed her wig hair, & when the drizzle stopped we walked to a nearby BBQ area with some walls. I asked Roxi to walk along then back on a path  instructing her to lift her skirt showing her stocking tops & suspenders as I videoed her. We then did a quick photo shoot of her & myself before having a good tongue kiss & cuddle.
She felt for and got my cock out as I peeled my shorts down & she pulled my cock out & wanked me nicely as we kissed. I whispered to her that her Mistress likes oral & she immediately dropped to her knees & gave me a good deep blowjob. This was videoed as I pushed my cock into her mouth & held her head as she continued to blowjob me as I looked up & saw a guy walking nearby.
He saw us & stood close by watching us & wanking his cock which was he had pulled outside his pants. I told Roxi to go & suck him off & she replied that he was a voyeur & only wanted to watch us & have a wank.
When we had finished we went over to him with Roxi following me, & I stroked his cock. Roxi offered to give him a blowjob but he said no, & when I said could I film Roxi on his cock he went away. I
It was most exciting to be caught in the act and it ceratinly enhanced the thrill of sex outdoors. Roxi and I plan to repeat this and I want others to come and watch us perform together.

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