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First time with a trans escort

I've thought about seeing a t-girl escort many times and a few weeks ago I finally made a date with a local girl named Carol. She´s a lovely Colombian girl with long dark hair and a slim, sexy body.

She welcomed me into her home wearing a sexy black dress and high heels and after pouring a drink for us she started things off by rubbing my leg and softly kissing me. I started touching her body and her firm breasts, kissing her neck and rubbing between her legs.

She undressed me and began to give me a blowjob, she had a nice way with her tongue and obviously knew what she was doing. I enjoyed this and I wanted to return the favour, she took off her dress and spread her legs. I could see the bulge in her panties and I couldn´t wait to get my mouth around her sweet cock. I pulled down her nice white panties and revealed her clean shaved cock which by now was semi hard, I started stroking and licking it and within seconds I had a rock hard 7 inch dick in my mouth.

It had always been my fantasy to have a submissive role with a beautiful trans girl and lucky for me, Carol enjoys being dominant and was not shy about this. After sucking and stroking her big sweet cock for a good 10 minutes I was ready to do what I came for, I wanted her to dominate and to be on top of me.

I laid down on my back and got comfortable while she applied lubricant to my asshole and rolled on a bright red condom around her rock hard cock. She told me to get on hands and knees and to open my ass for her, after slowly inserting her finger to lube everything up she pressed her cock against my asshole and proceeded to slide in gently. She put her hands on min sides and grabbed me firmly while increasing the speed, pumping her delicious cock in and out of my asshole faster and faster. I moaned of pleasure as she pinned me down on the bed while going deeper and deeper.

She pulled out and we switched positions, she put a small pillow under my bottom and took my legs on her shoulders after which immediately shoving her big hard member in my ass. This time she jerked me off while fucking me and it was hard not to come to fast.

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