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First time in Key West

I've always been fascinated by shemales.  Aside from having an overall appreciation for how the male member in general functions and, when properly stimulated, pulses and pumps...cum spewing from the tip.  I've watched any number of webcam shows where guys jerk off.  And yeah, I've watched my share of shemale videos.  Interesting how you could be with a woman and yet be with a cock at the same time.  Very interesting.  .....  So, the foundation was set.

I went fishing in the Florida keys for a few days and someone I knew there said I should checkout Key West since I hadn't been there.  And I figured I'd I drove down and checked into a nice hotel - off the beaten trail, clean, quiet.

I found Key West to be really easy going.  Everyone in shorts and t-shirts.  Live music from all the bars.  A really great environment where talking to total strangers was like talking to people you've known for a long time.  I wandered into bars here and there...having a beer or two, taking in the atmosphere and having small talk with the bartenders and people around me.

As I was half way through with what was to be my last beer this really pretty latina woman came in and sat down next me at the bar.  She was maybe 5' 1" or 2" tall, shapely.  She had big brown eyes, full lips and a knock out smile.  Her hair was a very shiny black - long and flowing over her shoulders.

As she sat down, I innocently said "Hi" and she flashed that smile at me replying in kind "Hi. I'm Erica."  She ordered a cosmopolitan and I quickly indicated to the bartender it was on me.  She thanked me and from there we struck up a conversation.  She was from Texas, in Key West to visit a friend but she was a day early.  As we talked I'd sneak looks at her cleavage, her thighs, etc.  To say I was aroused would be an understatement.  After a bit she excused herself to go to the ladies room...and as she walked away her butt cheeks swayed from side to side and all I could do is stare.

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