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Fancy dress party

Living near the coast, there are quite a few caravan/camping sites near us,Every new year me my wife and friends go out in fancy dress to one of the parks that has a great club house, Usually I go as Batman, a Centurion, things like that but last year my wife suggested we all go out dressed as French maids! As I was the only male in the group I was terribly excited...

I could not say no it's been a fantasy of mine for years to have my wife dress me. I have in private for many years without her knowing but we got dressed I was wearing a new bra and pantie set in black with white lace trim matching suspender belt, black stockings and 4inch black patent stilettoes with little satin bows on the back.

My wife was amazed at how well I could walk in them and asked if I had worn them before. I said I just can lol. she did my makeup very heavy and tarty with bright red lipstick just how I like it a wig she got from the fancy dress shop, long blonde curly one to which she added a satin and lace maids cap, then she showed me the dress we would all be wearing, A classic satin French maids dress with a little satin apron and a big bow on the back. Although I was incredibly nervous, I soon started to relax as the alcohol started taking effect. It felt so good to be out dressed like that after being in the bar for an hour or so I said I was going out for a smoke but as I'm the only one of us who smokes I had to go out my own.

Standing in my outfit in the smoke shelter I was enjoying my reflection in the mirrored glass from the club room when I saw a guy come out, he was about 50ish big built and he made his way over to the shelter. We got talking about things, he was a laugh and I immediately felt at ease with him. After finishing my smoke I said I should get back in to the party and left.

I was at the bar and he came over again while I was waiting to get my drink and as it was packed he stood behind me but very close I felt him right behind me and could feel something sticking in my bum so without thinking I moved back so I could feel his bulge pushing against me, as I had been drinking and my inhibitions lowered I began moving my bum against him.

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