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I traveled to the Adult Store about 20 miles away. We have
stores that are closer, but this one has more of a selection
of lingerie. I picked out a black fishnet mini dress. I went home to prepare. I entered the shower to clean up and
to shave very close for my man. I start to use Nair on my arms,
legs and chest. After 10 minutes, I shave it off, and then
repeat until I am smooth. I made sure that I had no under arm
hair or pubic hair. I also did a enema twice. I then dried
off and cleaned the tube. I put on my false boobs, slide on
the g string and then the dress. It was long sleeved with
thumb holes, it was tight but it felt so good. The g-string
could not hide my excitement. I put on the 4 inch heel. I pulled
on my long blonde wig, and pulled it back, did not want hair
to get in my way. I applied my makeup, do my nails and headed
to the kitchen. I pulled the dinner out of the oven and set
the table. I dimmed the lights and sat and waited for Greg.

Greg walked through the door, and my bright red lips parted
to create a smile. Dinner is ready for you. He comes to me
and gives me a long french kiss and he pats my ass. I walk him
to the table and pour a glass of wine for him. I walk to the
other side of the table, and pour myself a glass. My long
press on nails twirl around the lip of the glass as I stare
at him as he eats. Greg asks me why I am not eating. I said my
meal was under the table, as I slide under the table and towards
Greg. I reached up and pulled the zipper down...and reached
in to find his soft cock. He pushed away from the table to give me room to work. I took
his pants off, and I took his soft cock in my hand and began
to lick it, specially the tip. It starts to become hard.
I lick up and then I swallow the whole thing down my mouth
and throat. I moved my head up and down his shaft faster,
as my hand worked the lower shaft and teased his balls. Greg
was moaning and running his hands in my hair and force me

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