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Dani & Paulie - 1

It was two years since Carl had taken me in the cellar of that bar. Paulie and I had moved to a large apartment courtesy of an unexpected inheritance from his father. I should really say "her" father, we had started using feminine pro-nouns for each other somewhere along the line, no one could remember when. We now both had large bedrooms, lots of living space and ensuite bathrooms. The decor was a little dated but we were slowly turning the place into the chic pad you would expect. I'd liked Carl a lot, but had known from the start it wasn't a long term thing, we were still friends but I no longer felt the urge to rip his clothes off everytime i saw him.

Paulie and i had found a kind of interesting niche in the market place to bolster our bar earnings. We had become a sort of double act at a party we'd been to a year ago held by a prominent local politician. His slightly more "out" assistant had pursuaded us to come along one night. We'd gone, nervous, but excited at the prospect of what promised to be a lavish affair. We'd got drunk and when I stumbled into the restroom I found Paulie blowing a minor local sports star. I'd ended up sleeping with the assistant while the politician sat by the bed stroking himself. Needless to say, we got invited back. Paulie had taken the invite call and for that I'm glad, I'd have never thought about it, but she played it cool and eventually they offered us decent cash to come and be part of their party again.

There are some strange social circles that people move in. After that party, we started getting two or three invites a month to differing parties with differing themes. Special outfits were sometimes sent ahead, ranging from beautiful silk gowns (please do not wear anything else) to a thong, fur coat and heels. Paulie sometimes got a bit stressed out that we were simply becoming escorts, i didnt care so much. My sheltered upbringing and relatively recent sexual awakening meant my appetite for men had not deminished.

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