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Crossdreaming Thoughts

Last week I crossdressed for a while. Wore tight dark green jeggings, and two different shirts. I was barely able to squeeze these huge fucking J cup tits into a basically skin tight size XS stretchy nylon beige tshirt, and the other was an olive green turtleneck of the same tight fit. Wore both inside and outside. Took a short walk before sunrise. Felt so good. I really need to take photos of these shirts….they’re tighter fitting than any of the shirts I’m wearing in my current photos. I have a lot of things to take photos of and many of my followers have been asking about it. Really busy with personal life stuff at the moment but I'm taking note of what I need to do and eventually I'll have time.

When I do crossdress I feel that I’m in a body thats all female except for my constantly hard shemale cock. I’m sure all crossdressers and crossdreamers have a certain particular look we want to have if we could do it.

For me its having real breasts that look like my breast forms. The tits are a part of me, not just silicone breast forms. They make me feel like a woman. The same general size with huge nipples always erect. With a firm shape but a noticable droop so they always have a natural, braless look to them. I’d never dare wear a bra with boobs like these anyway. Let them shake and bounce however they want. Never supress my big nipples.

I’d like to have a few different types of hair. But if I could only choose one it would be hair that starts out as black near the scalp for a few inches, and the rest of it is a dark brown-reddish auburn. I could style it either straight or wavy. Have it grown long, cut at medium shoulder length, or cut short. Recently I've fallen in love with two-tone hair like this. I've also always liked tones of auburn.

I want the very wide, curvy, feminine hips of a mature woman, swaying side to side. Very thick, firm thighs that are larger than the size of my waist. A very tight bubble butt, like two big, round orbs. My ass jiggling with every step taken in the skin tight, stretchy shorts, jeans, or yoga pants I can barely squeeze myself into. I know my boobs will be the main thing I'm known for to most people if this were real. But I certainly want the development of my hips, thighs, and ass to be on the same level as my tits.

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