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Claudia Coming out adventure part 2

As Claudia walked out of the bathroom, her asshole continued to quiver and semen continued to drip out of her asshole and she was craving for more cock. She went up to the bar and ordered a sex on the beach then after she got her drink she walked over to the dance floor where she met another trans girl named Barbie, a very sexy brunette haired transsexual. Barbie was about 5'7" 145lbs. 32DD tits, had short spiky brunette hair about an inch thick and an 8" package. That night barbie was wearing a red see through mesh top, black latex booty shorts and black 6" ankle high heel boots. Claudia and Barbie danced together, grinding on each other for awhile when Barbie whispered to Claudia to follow her, to the sex room. When they walked into the sex room, there were two couches in the middle of the room and two love seats on both the east and west sides of the room. To Claudia's surprise, Misty was on the west side of the room tying up a guy and then spanking him with a riding crop and a paddle embedded with gold spikes switching between each tool administering the man's punishment. After spanking the man for about 5 minutes, Misty got on her knees and gave the guy a rim job eating out his asshole and fingering it, preparing the asshole to get fucked by her she cock. She then got up, took of her panties and put her she cock in his mouth face fucking him. Mean while, on the other side of the room, violet was butt fucking a guy doggy style all while being very degrading by spitting on him and spanking him while slamming his asshole with her she cock. As the moaned with pleasure Violet grabbed his hair and told him to shut the fuck up and take her cock like a man. "Don't be such a bitch, you like this don't you? You like my she cock pounding your ass don't you?"
"ooh god!! it feels so good!! keep pounding my ass Miss Violet! Please don't stop!"
"that's right bitch, take it hard. You like that don't you" said Violet

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