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Carla goes out

As a cross dresser who loves to dress as a dirty slutty girl I was sat at home thinking about what it would feel like to go out dreesed in public. I had often thought about it but never had the courage to do so.
I was so fucking horny and wished I had a reason to go out and do something rather than sit at home alone. I thought about the times when I took my Dog for walks on summer evenings and we would walk in the woods and fields for hours at a time. I no longer had my dog sadly so didn’t get out much anymore.
It got me thinking though, about what I came across whilst out walking with my Dog. I used to find allsorts in the woods, used condoms full of come, soiled panties and torn stockings etc. Surely some people were having sex there in the night time?
Thinking of this was kinda turning me on and making me think about me being in the woods at night. It was about 7pm on a Sunday and would start to get dark about 9.30pm as I sat alone thinking about getting dressed and going out in public for the first time.
It felt exciting but scary at the same time, wondering what would happen or if I should even go out at all?
I logged back in here for a while and asked some guys on their thoughts about what I was thinking about doing. All but one said I should do it as they would love to find a sexy tranny outdoors. They made my mind up for me, I logged out and got my makeup kit.
I made my face look kinda pretty and then got out my girly clothes, not wanting to dress too slutty as to draw attention to anyone that I didn’t want looking at me.
I decided to wear my red hair (guys seem to love it) my red and black bra with matching suspender belt and panties and black stockings. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked quite sexy but couldn’t go out in public dressed like that.
I tried on a couple of coats that barely covered my arse and then found a longer black one that came just above my knees. I put on my heels but struggled to walk in them so I put them in my bag and wore my shoes. I was still in two minds to go out or not but now I was dressed I was determined.

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