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Best Fuck of My Life

This is a 100% true story of the best fuck of my life. It happened almost 2 years ago. I had gotten back into dressing after a very long time. I work very hard at being as passable as possible and it really seemed to work on this particular night. Here's the story.

I got all dolled up in one of my new dresses and headed up to VIP Nightclub north of here. It had been a great night for me getting a lot of attention from both men and girls. One super cute Asian girl even came up to me and said I reminded her of Jennifer Aniston. I smiled and said, "well, maybe her mother". Time flew by and it was last call when he made his move on me. His name was Bryan and he looked to be at least 15 years younger than me. That's right was a cougar moment for Jennifer. He asked me if I was with anybody tonight and I told him no. He said I looked really hot and he would like to fuck me all night long. OMG, I almost came in my panties right there. Trying to keep calm I said "oh really?" He said "baby, I know you are older than me and some of the other girls are pissed that I am talking to you, but you just look so fuckable." Who could turn down a line like that.

Then he said "The only problem is we can't do it at my place. I said you can follow me home. I couldn't believe what I was saying. I was inviting a man I had just met to follow me home and fuck my brains out. I think he saw the nervousness in my face. He took my head in his hands and planted a hot, juicy kiss on my lips, forcing my mouth open hand thrusting his tongue almost down my throat. After breaking off the kiss I said let's go. We walked out to the parking lot and when we got to my car he spun me around and started kissing me hard and deep. I just love to be kissed and this guy really new how to kiss a slut like me. He had both hands on my ass pulling up my dress. He gave ass a quick grab and the breaking off the kiss, he went over to get his car. I was so fucking horny that when a black guy sitting in the car next to mine said lean in and give me some head, I didn't hesitate. I felt like such a slut. Short dress, high heels, bending over and leaning into a car to suck a big black cock while waiting for the man that was going to take me home and fuck me silly.

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