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Becoming an identical twin part I

My name is Cody and I recently turned 19 years old along with my twin sister Cassidy. She is older by 4 minutes and is the apple of our parent's eyes. She is in almost every aspect a goddess. Her beauty, intelligence, humor, sex appeal, and just about any other trait you can think of she is flawless.

Not only was she valedictorian she was homecoming queen, prom queen, student council president, first chair in orchestra for violin, and lead in practically every play. She got a perfect score on her ACT as well as the highest score on her SAT. She got a full ride scholarship to pretty much every college she applied to. She is going to the University of Minnesota where she plans to get her bachelor's in music and hopefully obtain her PHD in music someday.

As for myself I think that she was given all the good parts and I was stuck with the scraps. Cassidy is 5' 5" 110 lbs, with a 36-24-36 cup breasts, hourglass figure, luxurious brunette hair that goes to her upper back, and a face so gorgeous she doesn't need to apply much make up to accentuate her features. I'm 5' 6", 105 lbs, scrawny, bland brown hair that is always unkempt no matter how hard you try, and a cock so pointless it is barely worth mentioning.

I never really made any friends throughout school even though Cassidy would always try to include me in everything. She was always the social butterfly who could seamlessly jump to one clique to another and everyone would adore her. Whenever she would laugh or smile it seemed the world would stop just to watch her.

I never really had much of a relationship with another girl before. I never really knew what to say and I didn't really have a lot of features that would attract a lady before. Cassidy on the other hand was dating another student named Tanner pretty much since grade school. Just like Cassidy Tanner was extremely talented in everything he did and was a hunk to say the least. He is the head quarterback of our school and help us reach the state championship three times since he was our head QB. He also got a full-ride to the University of Minnesota on a football scholarship, but he also plans to pursuit a degree in English literature. He plans to receive his PHD in English if he doesn't get drafted into the NFL. With his luck he would get drafted first round to the Browns and have an undefeated season.

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