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Becoming a Sissy - My aunt my Mistress

For more than 6 months i’ve got this fetish, whenever my mom is out i crossdress with her clothes. It all started with porn, and slowly i got courage and from a pair of panties i ended up full crossdressed, with the make up made.

Everything changed on this day, when i decided to crossdress even if my mom was home, i closed the door of my room and started to get dressed,took my time tho. First took the panties, they were black made from silk, matching with the bra, after that I took the stockings also black, and finally the heels and the dress, which was slim soft but not fitting me perfectly since wasn’t my size. I felt pretty exciting thinking my mom was in the house even if i was sure she won’t come in my room. I was full crossdressed, everything except the makeup and the parfume . My mom took a bottle of wine with her so i decided i can watch some porn safely, after a few moments i heard the bell ringng. I was wondering who it is but i couldn’t go out so i just kept jerking. It didn’t took long and i hear my aunt’s voice calling me, i froze for a second, i started to undress, took my dress and bra off and she called me again, i knew i i didn’t have time to undress completely so i just took a t-shit and i put pants over my panties and stocking and i prayed to god she wont notice the stockings. I went to the living-room where i found my aunt and mom on the sofa both with a glass of wine in the hand.

Emma: “Hello, aunt Marie”

Aunt Marie “Hello sweetie, come closer “

When i hard that i was terrified, but i said myself she wont notice the stockings and went near her, the moment i came by i heard : “Take off your pants”

My face went down, i was so shocked i couldn’t move or speak, so my aunt said with an angry face : “Oh, come here”, she grabbed my pants and pulled them down. My mom was sitting next to her so she could see me in her panties and stocking. In that moment all my face was red and i was speechless, tried to negate everything : “ Mom this is not what it looks like i am no…” but mom interrupted me : “ Stop it, we know about your fetish for a long time Josh”.

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