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Alex pt. 3

After that b****** in the bathroom, me and Alex hung out a couple times. we went to a bar, and I ordered a beer, Alex had vodka and cranberry. I didn't want to get too drunk, because whenever I do I can't seem to get hard. Of course, I knew all along that somehow that night I would finally get to f*** Alex. and Alex had a second drink, she leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was a virgin, wow! you mean you never? no no of course. I've never felt so comfortable I've grown up a boy all my life not with a girl. And certainly never with the man.

You cannot believe how hard and stiff my cock was in my jeans. I think maybe Alex knew, as she kept glancing over and licking her lips. we were definitely in lgbtq bar, and at this hour the drinks had taken effect on most of the crowd, and the action was starting to pick up if you know what I mean. I quickly leaned over to Alex and whispered let's go hang out at my place for a few minutes. all the way in the cab ride our hands were all over each other.

as soon as I open the door and we entered, Alex leans against wall and licked her lips. my cock I've been hard all night and now it was leaking bad. Alex had dressed really really hot that night. high heels, makeup, and in a nice dress. I walked over to Alex put my hands on on her hips and we started kissing. oh man what she horny also! she was already moaning,, I lowered my hands going underneath the skirt, I could feel the Goosebumps on her legs, they were smooth. and as I kept rubbing and going up, lo and behold Alex is not wearing any panties . I did however feel and touch a rather small penis, which I considered a clit. Alex started to moan even louder and I took her by the hand onto my bed.

she sat down, and I immediately pulled down my jeans and at unleashed my throbbing hot cock. in an instant it was in her mouth as she was sucking and tonguing my hard dick like an ice cream pop. I told her to get on all fours, and she was starting to take her dress off, I told her no. Instead, when she was bent down, I simply lifted her skirt to reveal her hot virgin hole. now of course she did say she was a virgin, but she probably did have a few dildos in her. notwithstanding, I spread her cheeks and started eating her. My tongue rough and wet was devouring that hot small tight virgin boi pussy.

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