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My Neighbor Took My Cherry

I had a neighbor who was a beautiful lady at my apartment I
lived at in town. Her name was Sally Williams. She was 25 and she was
5'9" weighed 128 lbs had 30 c cup breasts i would guess she had dark
brunette hair down to her back and amber eyes.
She called me over and asked," John how would you like to
spend Saturday night with me here?"
I said," That sounds fun what time would you like me to come
She said," How about 6?"
I said," 6 sounds good to me."
She said," I have a special movie I would love for you to
watch it is very erotic."
I said," That sounds interesting to me I will be there."
What I didn't know what she had planned I thought I would
never do.
So Saturday night came and at 6 I knocked on the door and
she answered it in a sexy black negligee and 5 inch heels.
She said," Now I know you are straight but I want you to
keep your mind open and tonight will be a night you will never forget."
We sat down on the couch and she turned on the T.V. and
the VCR and hit play.
It showed a man and a beautiful woman going out and than
the woman took the man
to her place. She went into her bedroom and came back out and they
started kissing passionately and than she pushed him down on his knees.
Than she opened her negligee and 34 DD breasts sprang to life but what
happened next I couldn't believe she untucked herself.
A 9" cock sprang out and the man started sucking her.
At first I looked away and looked again and I felt the
stirrings in my pants.
I was breathing harder and harder than I loosened my pants
and than pulled down my underwear and started jacking off. I couldn't
believe it I was getting horny.
After the man sucked he said," Fuck me hard my ass is
She lubed him and than she bent him over and stabbed him
with her cock.
After she bottomed out she pulled it back out and than
shoved it back in.
I was getting hornier and hornier as she fucked him
relentlessly for an hour and than she flooded him with her cum.
After the movie ended Sally looked at me and smiled.
She said," It is time for you to get down on your knees
and be fed by Mamma."
I got down on my knees and she opened her negligee and
untucked her 9" cock and she said open for Mamma.
I started sucking on her cock and she moaned.
After 10 minutes of sucking her she told me to stand
up and strip naked.
After I strip naked she asked," Do you belong to
I said," Yes, I do."
She said," Good now bend over the chair."
I obediently leaned over the chair and I felt her
running her fingers between my cheeks and over my pink puckered hole and I
Than she plunged a lubed finger down into my crack
and I moaned in both pain and pleasure.
She said," I am going to take your cherry tonight
and just think it will be taken by a shemale."
She slowly worked 2 fingers than three and after
she got 3 fingers in she spread them and than fucked my ass furiously for
10 minutes.
After she pulled her fingers out she positioned
herself behind me.
Than I felt her 9" cock at the entrance and she
started pushing in and I felt tears well up in my eyes. She kept pushing
and pushing until all of her 9" cock was inside me.
She laid there waiting for my ass to adjust and
it felt like my ass was being ripped apart as she was shoving it in.
She said," Now you know my secret and I love
fucking men even though I have had only two other opportunities even though
I did penetrate and came in some lesbians."
After that statement she pulled it out and
than shoved it back in..
She fucked me for an hour and than she flooded
me with her cum.
She asked," So how do you like being
penetrated by a shemale?"
I said," I can't believe it I love it."
She said," Good I am glad you liked it so
that means your ass and mouth is mine?"
I said," Yes, you now possess my body."
She said," Good now, I want you to stay for
the weekend. In fact I want you to spend most of the time here. When you
are here you will stay naked I like to be serviced alot."
So I stayed the weekend and I did fuck her
also but I got alot of cock in my mouth and ass. After my lease was up in
my apartment I moved in with her she occasionally has me suck her
transgender friends for entertainment. I am still a straight man but I am
addicted to her 9" cock.

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