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Your Son, My Daughter

I met Brad a couple months shy of both his graduation from high school and his 18th birthday, lucky me yeah. We were both jogging at the local park. Brad was a pale, slender, white-boy that always seemed to wear small shorts, well they weren't exactly small, they were regulation racing shorts. I wore some plain old basketball shorts. Brad was usually at the park before me and when I pulled up, was finishing up his stretches and starting his slow jog. I would stretch and take off at a faster gait to follow his supple young ass, and long shapely legs around the walkway of the park. Brad knew that I followed him on his run. I just couldn't help watching the bounce in his ass when he ran. And I hoped I hadn't scared him as I am a pretty big bald black guy. One day I caught to him by the end of the run and minced over some small talk.

“Hey, you're a pretty fast runner.”, I exclaimed out of breath.

“Thanks you are too. You've been chasing me every week for a month......”

“Oh you uh notice that. Huh. Well I wasn't really chasing you, we just run the same pattern......”

“Well it's nice to know I have a big strong protector to keep me safe when I run.”

I couldn't believe this kid was flirting with me........

“Well I am going to the store for a Gatorade, d'ya want one?.........”

“Sure, I am Brad by the way.” We shook hands, and I notice how soft his hands were........

“I'm Jeremy..........”

“I'm parked over here.”

“I know which car is yours. I see it every week now.........”

“So you have been peeping me out?..........”

“Of course......You're a handsome man..........”

I just giggled like the school girl Brad wasn't.....

Well we continued this flirtatious jogging and small talking for the next couple of months, me knowing Brad was in high school and had to wait until he was legal before I made my move. Brad was as effervescent as any girl I had known, and wasn't ashamed of being gay. I learned a lot about Brad and became to truly regard him as a friend. But I still would run behind him to watch that cute little butt giggle when he ran.

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