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Young sissy goes for a little shopping... caught

May be first a little introduction?

My name is Sylvia and I love women's clothes! I like panties, stockings but most of all, I adore high heels! just love them! That feeling when it becomes higher and I feel so sexy and feminine!

And you know what?

I'm a total slut, I love to be humiliated, get orders, be used!
I love be a total bitch! I even dream about cocks! amazing ...
I love dominant guys and dominant ladies too!

On Monday I had the day off from work so I decided go for some shopping!
I woke up in the morning, I had everything perfectly planned, literally all day! I lay in bed a little Chile and at the same time i was touching my penis ... I decided to finally get up and go to the shower, before that I put on hair removal cream for the whole body to be smooth and girlish. I waited a moment, as usual, smoking a cigarette in the morning. when the time came, I went into the shower and began to remove the cream and wash my body. I could not resist and started to lightly touch my ass and then grabbed tight my ass and then I gave myself a couple of slaps! ( I love spanking! ) It took me a moment, I got out of the shower and wiped my body carefully and then I went into the room and began to think what to put on!
I decided on black stockings with white ribbons and for that I chose white and black thong ;) would you like it? I thought it far enough and went to make and eat breakfast when I finished eating I turned on the music, I fired up another cigarette and began dancing, fool around and I started to move my hips and my sexy ass, I danced for about 15 minutes, giving myself a spanking, touching my body and I play around a little bit my ass hole, when the next song was over I went back to the bedroom thrusting and shaking my bum. I decided to wore men's clothes, on my cute panties and stockings. I do not like do that but afraid to go out dressed as a woman. When I was ready to leave I grabbed the keys, locked the apartment and went to the mall for some shopping! When I was walking down the street and I felt my cock rubs against my thong I was in seventh heaven! I planned to buy some panties, men's short pants and a loose shirt.

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